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Agriculture's GDP Contribution (2023):

Pakistan played a substantial role in the economy, contributing a significant percentage to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2023.

Employment Landscape:

As of the latest data, the agriculture sector continues to be the largest employer in Pakistan, engaging 42.3% of the nation's labor force. It remains a cornerstone of livelihoods across the country.

Vast Agricultural Landscape:

Pakistan are dedicated to agriculture, representing an impressive 47.64% of the country's total land area, which stands at 79.6 million hectares.

Livestock's Economic Impact:

The livestock sector stands out as a major contributor to Pakistan's economy, accounting for 14.36% of the GDP. This sector's robust performance showcases its integral role in the nation's economic landscape.

Foreign Exchange Earnings:

Beyond its domestic impact, the livestock sector significantly contributes to Pakistan's foreign exchange earnings. With annual exports of livestock products exceeding $1 billion, this sector plays a crucial role in bolstering the nation's economic resilience on the global stage.