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Exhibitor Profile

1. Livestock Breeders:
Companies specializing in breeding and raising livestock for various purposes, such as meat, dairy, and wool.
2. Animal Health and Nutrition:
Exhibitors showcasing veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and nutritional supplements for livestock health and well-being.
3. Agricultural Machinery and Equipment:
Companies offering the latest advancements in farm machinery, equipment, and technology for efficient and sustainable livestock farming.
4. Feed and Feed Additives:
uppliers of animal feed, forage, and feed additives to enhance the nutritional content of livestock diets.
5. Genetics and Reproduction Services:
Organizations providing services related to animal genetics, artificial insemination, and reproductive technologies to improve breeding outcomes.
6. Dairy and Meat Processing:
Companies involved in processing and packaging of dairy and meat products, showcasing modern processing techniques and equipment.
7. Livestock Housing and Infrastructure:
Exhibitors offering solutions for livestock housing, barns, and infrastructure to create optimal living conditions for animals.
8. Technology and Data Management:
Companies presenting digital solutions, software, and data management tools for monitoring and managing livestock farms efficiently.
9. Livestock Associations and Organizations:
Industry associations, research institutions, and government bodies promoting and regulating the livestock sector.
10. Animal Welfare and Ethics:
Organizations advocating for and showcasing practices related to ethical treatment and welfare of animals in the livestock industry.
11. Environmental Solutions:
Exhibitors presenting eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for waste management, energy efficiency, and environmental conservation in livestock farming.
12. Educational and Research Institutions:
Universities, research institutions, and educational organizations sharing the latest developments and research findings in the field of livestock science and management.
13. Financial and Insurance Services:
Companies offering financial and insurance services tailored for the livestock industry to manage risks and provide financial support.
14. Government Agencies:
Government departments and agencies responsible for agriculture and livestock, providing information, regulations, and support services.
15. Livestock Product Marketing and Promotion:
Companies focused on marketing and promoting livestock products, including branding, packaging, and retail solutions.