9 - 11 august 2024
Lahore Expo Center
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About Livestock Asia

Embrace the heartbeat of Pakistan's thriving livestock sector as we proudly present the "Livestock Asia Exhibition." This event is a dedicated showcase of innovation, trade prospects, and sustainable practices specifically tailored for the dynamic livestock industry. Get ready for an unparalleled experience that promises to elevate Pakistan's livestock prowess.

Event Overview

Scheduled for 09-11 August 2024, the "Livestock Asia Exhibition" will unfold its grandeur at the Lahore Expo Centre, uniting stakeholders from around the world. This event stands as a key platform, fostering connections among producers, exporters, and enthusiasts solely within the livestock sector.

Highlighting Livestock Excellence:

Witness the pinnacle of Pakistan's livestock industry with a focus on the latest advancements in livestock management practices, animal health solutions, and breakthroughs in animal breeding. Immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge technologies and practices that contribute to the country's robust livestock sector.

Trade Opportunities:

Positioned as a unique marketplace, the "Livestock Asia Exhibition" invites local and international businesses to explore exclusive trade opportunities. From showcasing livestock products to featuring meat and dairy innovations, this exhibition is a magnet for potential buyers and investors eager to delve into the livestock market.

Sustainability and Responsible Practices:

In line with global trends, this event places a spotlight on sustainable and responsible practices in livestock farming. Dive into discussions on eco-friendly livestock management, organic approaches, and ethical animal husbandry. Discover how the livestock sector can contribute to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange:

Join industry experts, researchers, and policymakers for a dynamic networking and knowledge exchange experience. Attend seminars, workshops, and panel discussions tailored to provide valuable insights, fostering collaborations that will shape the future of the livestock industry. Be part of the conversation and drive positive change within the livestock community.

Livestock Innovation:

Pakistan's livestock industry, a vital contributor to its economy, will take center stage. The exhibition will present state-of-the-art livestock management practices, animal health solutions, and advancements in animal breeding. Visitors can gain insights into modern methods for raising healthy livestock and improving meat and dairy production.